Keluopu: Melon commander in chief is clad the style is very appropriate because of,do not pay attention to an outfit…

Direct seeding on May 22 dispatch recently, liverpudlian advocate the problem that handsome Keluopu spoke of the bishop is experienced outfit, he expresses himself is not very take a fancy to this, as long as comfortable OK. Subsequently he expresses, the optimal outfit in episcopal practice should be melon Diaola.

Accepting ” defend a newspaper ” when interviewing, keluopu talks so: “I once was a player, be in next became a coach next. When I just became a coach, before still having in bathhouse advocate the training below Shuai Liu is taken, but not formfitting that. But not formfitting that..

“I am dedicated only at the match, never had considered the issue of outside respect. I know myself such not quite good, because we are,work in communal circumstance, when I head for Duotemengde, I think: ‘ perhaps I should make a few changes ‘ . I spent period of time to put on shirt and jeans, but that lets me feel uncomfortable, I say so and not be to say this is bad to me, just let me feel uncomfortable. Just let me feel uncomfortable..

“I think to be among episcopal practice, optimal outfit should be melon Diaola. To him, everything what what he wears is very appropriate, he can not wear suit suit and so on, just lie fallow outfit is very formfitting. Just lie fallow outfit is very formfitting..

“Each coach has his clad color, if you want to dress up it seems that decent, that is very marvellous. But I am not this kind of type, important is you should do the business that fits your, because no matter who your God is, you are impossible just the same. You are impossible just the same..

“If you can be in a team,see the bishop’s experienced individual character, or his soul, that is very marvellous, here I should mention melon again Diaola, when the team that sees him you meet such wanting: ‘ wow, that is melon Diaola’s style ‘ . The person that works together with him may accede his style, but they forever impossible just the same. But they forever impossible just the same..

“Move the one part that installing is our individual character, you can wear the dress that you think to wear, but the thing with do not let this become the most important, because final game just is the most important. You can wear suit suit to guide team to become world champion, also can wear kit to accomplish this, need not worry about other issues, should wear only comfortable went. Should wear only comfortable went..