Time of domestic happy reunion is enjoyed during Peineida eliminates to reappear to be kept apart possibly

Recently, before Peineida of famous general of beautiful net champion, Italy is accepting Italian sports daily paper ” Milanese sports signs up for ” the life during the possibility that had eliminated to reappear and segregation speaking of when interviewing.

“I think I can reappear not at all. Fabiao (Fugenini) insist to want me to return field, but he can joke sometimes. My life is perfect, I like tennis. This campaign comes for years is my life all the time. ” Peineida is asked about whether to reappear say.

Peineida and her husband and two children spent segregation period together: “I like to be waited for together with family. During segregation not easy to my children. Farad (daughter) be born before 4 months. Feidelike (son) it is a good child, but he is very active. To Fabiao (Fugenini) for, the first time that is in the home is not relaxed. He was used to completely different rhythm, but he had been been used to now everyday domesticity. I am very lucky, because he is a good father. Sleep when everybody when, this is me cook and iron the perfect hour of the dress. Feidelike likes tennis. We look for a few things to do everyday, be drawn in the picture recently and make a desert. Be drawn in the picture recently and make a desert..

(whole tennis ball)