“Tiger rice big fight ” the 2nd season crosses bound star introduction: Lay mines of graceful peace VS enlighten

Manning (right) will with Woods partner

Beijing time on May 22, the consequence that this star charity that presents as leading role by Woods and Mikeersen surpasses will be more than in American mainland. Two people add up to win championship of 126 beautiful make one’s rounds, include 20 vole champion among them, the success that they score and fame and two worlds ” photograph loving each other is killed ” the story is to be in more the whole world is wide to circulate.

And be about to be in this weekday ” charity of Capital One champion is surpassed ” on the Tom Buleidi of player of contest of beautiful make one’s rounds of these two professions mixes the partner Peidu Manning’s circumstance differs somewhat. Although they serve as the ace quarterback of NFL to all all know in American, but the freeboard heat that is in the United States in view of rugger motion, their achievement is likely inside international limits not so humanness place knows.

“This is a very special hour really, the core of this match does thing of be apt to namely and can help another person, lay mines enlighten say, “3 players that can organic meeting and I respect play golf together, I cannot reject this. I cannot reject this..

So lay mines enlighten who is He Manning after all? Why can they appear in the match of weekday again? The simplest answer is the long-term competition between them and gain huge success and Woods and Mikeersen similar. In their domain, lay mines enlighten He Manning is considered as alliance not just contemporary and optimal, it is the history more two in the greatest player.

Sound familiar to the ear there is a place?

“I think the tiger is the golf hand with the greatest throughout history, and they also are the players with rugger the most outstanding domain two ” , mikeersen evaluates lay mines enlighten and Manning, “They hit rugger as a child and not be golf, so they will jump out to be in national TV Taichun to show his golf skill from comfortable area of oneself, this can not be an easy thing, they can step this one pace, for everybody innovation goes happy, relaxed atmosphere to help another person with this, I greet to them. I greet to them..

With two golf member different, lay mines enlighten whole profession career of He Manning is being made compare by people. Their two people win-win 8 NFL are the most valuable player, among them Manning is taken below 5 times, and lay mines enlighten take away remain 3 times. More important is, they win super bowl 8 times in all, this is the most important award in rugger motion.

Be in along with indiana pony team and Denver bronco team hit Bolisi after going all out 17 years, manning chooses to retired 2016, he all is held in both hands in these two team removed super bowl. Meanwhile, lay mines enlighten entered oneself to be in the 21st year of NFL, but 2020 sports season he is in him open the place of team of pirate of calm handkerchief bay child sports season, those who end to be amounted to in header of new england patriot 20 years is itinerary, he ever made finals of bowl of class of unfavorable balance of trade 9 times along with old boss, lift 6 times cup

Two players ever 17 fronts engage in a battle, lay mines enlighten take win 11 times among them. In the contest after season they are opposite 5 times definitely, lay mines enlighten take below 3 get the better of.

“Play golf than I and soup Mu, I think great master or want to see member of two celebrity hall be the same as an antagonism more ” , graceful peace say, “Confuse me as a sports very glad to can see golf is returned to, I special enjoy can see these fellow play a ball game. To I and Tom, while close quarters admires tiger and phenanthrene Er to play a ball game, can return can money of collect be apt to, we come gladly extremely. If can let groups big loosen the nerve that puts degree of tightness to stretch tight, that is again good did not pass. That is again good did not pass..

Champion ” argue ” : Rice overcomes lay mines of Vs of Woods of Er dark & enlighten & graceful peace

Professional career gets the better of: Rice overcomes lay mines of 126/ of Woods of Er dark & enlighten & graceful peace 405

Year player: Rice overcomes lay mines of 11/ of Woods of Er dark & enlighten & graceful peace 8

Vole / super bowl: Rice overcomes lay mines of 20/ of Woods of Er dark & enlighten & graceful peace 8

Professional career bonus: Woods of & of rice Ke Ersen 211, 960, 219 dollars / lay mines enlighten & graceful peace 483, 898, 804 dollars