Cling to Sa general is become turn 5 big rich and powerful family are opposite steamed bun of meeting market sweet steamed bun his eye covetously

“Saimeiduo, everybody most wanted player ” , the Spain May 22 ” world sports signs up for ” in point out in the front article of the front page. , cling to Saimeiduo had become Sa right back to turn the sweet pastry on meeting market, europe has 5 big rich and powerful family to be interested in him at least, this Rangbasa saw an opportunity.

” world sports signs up for ” cover

According to ” world sports signs up for ” view, a lot of rich and powerful family of European are in contend for the Mei Duo that grab a place of strategic importance, rice of You Wen, Paris, graceful city, Bai Ren, country is interested in him, cling to Sa also hopes to finish Laodaluo with Saimeiduo or of Piyaniji turn meeting. Cling to the way that Sa thinks to be exchanged with the player introduces Laodaluo and Piyaniji, and plum of a place of strategic importance can make very good exchange chip more.

Europe turns the right back on meeting market is defective, this brings about Saimeiduo very be very popular. Spain is occupied before this ” daily sports signs up for ” report, unless the thing appears great transition, otherwise the sports season below Saimeiduo will not stay in cling to Sa. Club and player around renew the contract the negotiation that launch already burst.

Ba Saxi hopes the contract Saimeiduo lengthens 3 years again, end to June 2025, but both sides fails to come to an agreement. Cling to Sa respect does not prepare to satisfy Saimeiduo to be in the requirement of economic respect, cling to the agent Men Desi that Sa has given Saimeiduo opened permission to go ahead with some project, let him of base of Portuguese nation turn can undertake negotiating. Saimeiduo and cling to the contract of Sa expired 2022, today summer sending him is best choice, cling to Sa marks a price to him 40 million euro. To plum of next year a place of strategic importance much contract remains 1 year only, his value can fall greatly. (Yi 10 thousand)