: of Sa Wu Er? Tall ignoranting tip accumulate  Gan bright? but it is strange to cannot be embraced after the goal

Direct seeding dispatch regarded Ma Jing as one of anybody in bathhouse on May 21, sa black Er accepted the interviewing of media with the form of the press conference on the line today. He expressed his view to a few news of football bound.

— after the game that sees De Jia restarts experience

They restore the match to let me feel very happy, because this is everybody,the hope sees. What let me feel it is strange to have a bit nevertheless is, in the process that you are sending corner kick close-fitting defend, but cannot be however after the goal with teammate people the hug is celebrated. The game that watchs fight without fan will be a little different, but this does not have a problem, because be below present circumstance,this is best means to everybody. Nevertheless I think, all players miss fan very much.

— the loss that goes up in income to avoid a club, ma Jing is responsible before be being hit 4

Now our idea is begin ready-made what be league matches again. Our target is the victory that wins each contest all the time, and be hit into before 4, because this can make,the club reachs the goal on income. Nevertheless, we are only dedicated now at be opposite a match of an athletics of Bi Er Ba E.

— Ou Guancai takes only field to fall into disuse make offer

We need to get used to the arrangement of the match, I cannot say such decision is advantageous to us still is adverse. Ma Jing must get used to makes provision, we can take the oldest flame to face.

— armour restarts the inaccuracy of date is decided on the west

I am not afraid to this, also won’t feel doubtful to decide, every country is facing different situation now. With our located now circumstance, when I become aware the safety of proper everybody can get assuring, league matches can restart. This is good to our everybody, it is pair of players not merely people, be opposite however all people that concern with the football.

— in 10 thousand amount to catchphrase of commonweal of cosmopolitan field paste

This not by us these players are decided, not be by Ma Jing the club is decided even, need however armour alliance comes to a decision on the west. Nevertheless, if possible sentence, I hope to be able to install banner advertisement, placard or dedicator and the picture that had entered the person of remonstrant activity. This will be the good idea of a person that helps those need to help most.

— empty field match

Our everybody can feel the change that brings to empty field match likewise, because we like to issue kickball in the view battle of fan, this meeting lets you feel burn with righteous indignation. But the football of special period must take such kind, before spending this paragraph of period thoroughly, we must get used to these changes. Nevertheless I dare affirm, fan people also can let us experience this kind of passion in the home.

— the crucial game with athletics of Bi Er Ba E

This match will be crucial to us, the first match after because this is league matches,restarting. We have quite long time to prepare for this match, the hope can play an one game with wonderful field. In Bi Er Ba E advocate match of field empty field, this is an advantage that we need to use, when us advocate the visiting team when field match also can use same dominant position. I feel this game is very crucial, because we and Bi Er Ba E are direct competitor, will be these 3 minutes very important.

— whether can empty field match is opposite guest field team is advantageous, and right advocate is field team adverse?

Yes, what a moment ago said like me. Guest field team will be benefited accordingly, and advocate field team can be affected. Be opposite this match is opposite an athletics of Bi Er Ba E we are advantageous, because of them advocate field fan always can build an enthusiastic atmosphere, this is a very big encouragement to them. Return when us nevertheless advocate after field, we can get accordingly very big impact. But what I say no less than, we must want to get used to it, and go with best means answer. Want to know, we must want to be finished smoothly on the west armour, ability achieves our goal. We will take the oldest flame to face the competition that armour leaves on the west, still have Ou Guan’s competition of course.