VS of blue white paster is red yellow paster: German capital street performs Berlin heart to compare

Beijing time Saturday before dawn, de Jia will perform heart of this sports season Berlin to compare second bout, berlin conspicuous tower advocate meet alliance of Berlin of go up horse head-on, but with head the field atmosphere photograph with hot bout is compared, the second bout that empty field undertakes cold and cheerless, fan people get on more energy investment to street paster.

This heart goes than advancing on two months formerly, amount to 75 thousand fan battle of will present view, dan Xinguan epidemic situation threw into confusion everything. The La Bai that then bilateral fan represents respective team color with more or the street lamp column that red yellow paster decorated Berlin, guidepost, station.

Berlin alliance full back Fuluolian – Xubunatong crosses video to represent even the line: “This is not the heart that we hope is compared, we want to be before full fan originally kickball, this is very different. But we serve as a group, very clear among them interests. Very clear among them interests..

Actually, after than be in Berlin alliance upgraded last year in May, paster heart began, in them former before the 2nd engage in a battle on March 21, street heart is compared upgrade, match delay can rise to urge action only, because they do not have more means,will express to support.

Last year November head when bout engage in a battle, although 1100 fuzz are in charge of ensuring public security, but the allied team that is located in Berlin the eastpart part advocate field or produced disturbance. The firework that fan ignites falls on field, the match pauses for a time, nearly is cancelled. After contest, fan is prevented meet with the player, condition just does not have out of control.

This is very different, epidemic situation control was not unlocked completely, the bar of Berlin and nocturnal inn still are shut, cafe and dining-room can do business below strict requirement, may a few fan gather, but the person meets predicting great majority to watch living broadcast in the home.

(Ma Ge)