Bodasi expects new sports season is in Austrian open: Can enjoy the game

Finnish car hand Waerteli – Bodasi

Finnish car hand Waerteli – Bodasi is in the chair of motorcade of plum Sai Desi is flabby all the time solid, he should try hard every year to hit for this go all out, not exceptional also this year. This week will be in F1 new sports season Austria opens act, bodasi states he has made preparation for this.

The agreement of Bodasi and Meisaidesi is a year of one autograph, because this is annual,he wants for new contract fight, still hand of a lot of cars wants to replace his position this year, for instance tall of British young general is treated – Lasaier, and Ba Sidi of a place of strategic importance of 4 coronals king installs the F1 that still has chair of hand of next year car – Weiteer.

F1 is affected because of new coronal epidemic situation and cancelled competition of Australian large award, this is a blow to Bodasi, because he often is in Melbourne,circuit obtains good result. “I had been Australia really begin battle has made preparation, but everything was deferred. ” Bodasi expresses in the interlocution of a paragraph of video in oil of sponsor Ma Shi.

“A few months come I follow similar program all the time, make oneself body and drive more strong. ” Bodasi continues say, “Between free time and implementation dream, this is a very good balance. Preparation is more sufficient when I feel I compare Melbourne. Preparation is more sufficient when I feel I compare Melbourne..

“I also expect two competitions in Austria. I like this circuit really. Normally I can obtain right result here. This is the good place of open sports season. This is the good place of open sports season..

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