Emperor horse hold a memorial ceremony for gives big move to turn up one’s nose at complete Europe thinks winning absolutely cannot be short of them

Epicycle on the west armour, emperor horse 1 than 0 beat Spaish, after gaining this victory, emperor horse was obtained 5 Lian Sheng, this is team comes 3 years for the first time on the west armour 5 Lian Sheng, be in on the west on armour integral a list of names posted up, emperor horse exceeds instead cling to Sa continues 2 minutes to get run.

Be worth what carry is, in 5 Lian Sheng’s processes, emperor horse desertioned only 2 balls, block the match with Spaish to Ma Lue recently, emperor horse did not throw a ball. This field match, although did not have C collect to wanted the killer of total to Spaish can mad goal only this past, emperor horse or the secondary attack that show by right of Benzemalingguang and the goal that block Saimiluo took the competition, but team can win victory to still get acknowledgment to defend the contribution of the level.

“Our philosophy is aggression. Emperor horse is an aggression team all the time. ” Qidanei is more than the ground repeated this word, but the fact is, the emperor horse that C Luo Shi takes the place of after, unlike an aggression team, more resemble defending model team. Emperor horse is had not only armour defends best on the west, also be such in before be being put in Europe 5 big league matches, with the riverside of only advantageous content that emperor horse is about the same, latter had taken Yingchao champion.

” Ma Ka signs up for ” point out, defend had become emperor horse a piece of ace. Horse of this sports season emperor threw 21 balls only in 32 matches, this is emperor horse history the 2nd defend well data, only 1987/88 sports season is behaved weller, their the corresponding period threw 20 balls merely. Want to find another similar record, you must see 1971/72 sports season, the emperor horse the same term at that time desertions 21 balls.

Emperor horse, Liverpudlian, Rance is defending the respect precedes together at Europe, surpass desertion the Madrid athletics of 23 balls, desertion the Youwentusi of 24 balls, Wren and bus multitude, but these law armour team were kicked 27 rounds only or 28 rounds. In European rich and powerful family, cling to Sa 32 rounds desertioned 33 balls, graceful city 31 rounds desertion 33 balls, bai Renmu Buddhist nun is black 34 rounds desertion 32 balls.

Attendant all lose a ball to lead a field, emperor horse is returned under Liverpudlian, because emperor horse compares Liverpudlian much competition 1 round. Apparent, c Luo Shi takes the place of after, the mode of the tactics inside Qi Da produced change. Portuguese giant star is in, emperor horse obtained a lot of goals, but also desertioned a lot of balls. ” Ma Ka signs up for ” think, did not have C collect, italian football begins to reflect in the influence on the body inside Qi Da, qidanei spent the major time of professional career in meaning armour, admit li of skin is very big to him influence.

Add what library Er pursues made of baked clay to defend ability, qidanei made him defend faultlessly city wall. Belgian door will be in on the west armour ” award of Sa Mo La ” (optimal door will) precede abstruse cloth pulls a gram in contention, and the card from 2007/08 sports season after Xiliyasi, emperor horse door never will won this one cup.