On the west armour – Wu Lei head sends Benzema horse of emperor of waist of secondary attack bold is seized 5 Lian Sheng is gotten run

Kasaimiluo celebrates a goal

Beijing time on June 29 04: 00 (Spain local time 28 days 21: 00) , 2019/20 sports season on the west battle of the 32nd round of a focus is in armour Keerneila – field spreads out Aipulate contention, royal Madrid guest field 1 overcome Spaish than 0 force, wu Lei head gives out battle, this lustre horse secondary attack blocks Saimiluo to score a goal. Add of 5 Lian Sheng succeed get emperor horse run, spaish 4 rounds continue to pay a copy deeply.

Nearly 24 times league matches is opposite emperor horse a Spaish only the guest loses 1, the others is obtained 23 times 20 get the better of 3 smooth. Emperor horse is close 11 times Spaish loses guest battle only 1, the others 10 9 get the better of 1 smooth and have 7 0. Engage in a battle of history of bilateral league matches 171, emperor horse 103 get the better of 33 smooth 35 negative hold windward, among them guest field 35 get the better of 19 smooth 31 negative. Azaer, Yisike, Kasaimiluo, Masailuo and Crosse rotate come on the stage. Wu Lei represents Spaish head hair.

Enbaerba free kick long shot is confiscated by Kuertuwa. The 3rd minute, wu Lei is passed on the right side of irruptive forbidden zone in, 12 part interest shoots Da Deer to be sealed to block up by Kawahaer. Long-range condole shoots the field in Kasaimiluo, alternate dagger – Luopeisi attacks after blocking, confiscate. The forbidden zone in blocking battle royal of ball of meaning of Luo Ren of rice of a place of strategic importance subsequently is left smoke pass, pull head of Mo Si close quarters to attack door tower above. Crosse opens a corner kick, luo Jin of rice blocking a place of strategic importance is apart from head to attack door tower above.

Small angle of right way free kick passes Luo Ka shoot be attacked by Kuertuwa. The 24th minute, enbaerba passes a ball, fierce Lei breakthrough shoots tower above of in a way to reserve margin interest. After 3 minutes, fierce breaks through the trip when Lamosi before Lei forbidden zone, the judgment did not grant to pay attention to. Crosse passes a ball, left interest shoots this lustre horse forbidden zone by alternate dagger – Luopeisituo gives crossbeam. The rescue sb from a siege inside fierce Lei forbidden zone is blocked, 10 place smoke Azaer shoot turn over marbles to be attacked again.

Emperor horse breaks deadlock the 45th minute, masailuo is inclined pass, pull Mo Si head to ferry, benzema is small calcaneal of forbidden zone top right corner is clever pass, margin of small penalty area grabs Kasaimiluo before Didake disclose shoots a net.

Emperor horse 1-0

Secondary attack of this lustre horse calcaneal

The second half of admire De Luosa replaces Didake to come on the stage. Right Lu Chuanzhong of dagger Mai Si, the disclose before fierce Lei small penalty area is shot be confiscated. Yi Sike is inclined pass, mat of be high up in the air shoots Benzema on the right side of small penalty area also by alternate dagger – Luopeisi attacks block. The 57th minute, wu Lei is changed by Meilunduo. Heart – hold shoot of Mass free kick in the palm to be attacked. Subsequently card lay mines is pulled in passing, heart – hold Mass head in the palm to attack the door to slant.

Horse of after this emperor puts delay rhythm to begin to control, of Spaish counterattack lack is enough and minatory. Emperor horse carries off 5 Lian Sheng hind are exceeded cling to Sa continues 2 minutes to get run, and Spaish 4 rounds deeply succeed add pays a copy.

Spaish (4-4-2) : 13- alternate dagger – Luopeisi; 34- dagger Mai Si, 20- Bei Erna is much, 18- blocks lay mines to pull, 17- Didake (46 ‘ , 3- admire De Luosa) ; 23- Enbaerba (69 ‘ , in 12- card Lai) , 21- Luo Ka, 15- Davy – Luopeisi, 10- Da Deer (69 ‘ , 33- plum pulls Mei De) ; 11- heart – Thoms, 7- Wu Lei (57 ‘ , 14- Mei Lun is much)

Emperor horse (4-2-3-1) : 13- library Er pursues made of baked clay; 2- blocks Wahaer, 5- Walanei, 4- pulls Mo Si, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of 12- horse a place of strategic importance; 15- Ba Erwei heart, 14- blocks Saimiluo, 8- overcomes Ross; 22- Yi Sike (64 ‘ , the dagger in 27- collect heart) , 9- Benzema, 7- A plunges into Er (64 ‘ , 25- dimension Ni Xiusi)

Technical statistic

Spaish player gives a mark

Emperor horse player gives a mark

Laimote advocate 4 than 2 force Kebeidisi. The 21st minute, ge Changchuan of Persia the base of a fruit, mayaolaer is irruptive forbidden zone is left 12 part interest shoots a net. The 35th minute, luo Ji accept passes a ball, ba Erdi forbidden zone is left small angle is low shoot remote corner. The 50th minute, kanpaniya is passed continuously, after Molalaisi shakes general of move into one’s husband’s household upon marriage on the right side of forbidden zone, small angle shoots Buddhism. The 59th minute, forbidden zone of the gram that overcome Lai is left in passing, after Luo Ji accept is in shoot 12 times to be sealed to block up the net is shot again before small penalty area, 4-0. Betty this turn 2 balls repeatedly, the 70th minute, fei Daer is long pass, kanalaisi is smoked before small penalty area shoot a net. The 87th minute, kanalaisi opens a corner kick, fei Daer is in head 10 times to attack the door to be attacked, install meter of close quarters disclose to shoot a net why.

Walunxiya guest field 0 than 2 not enemy Biliyaleiyaer. The 14th minute, mo Lei Nuo is inclined pass, the be high up in the air before handkerchief division small penalty area mows net. The 44th minute, kasuola passes a ball, the be high up in the air inside margin of reserve of Mo Lei Nuo is smoked shoot a net.

Gelanada advocate 1 than made of baked clay Er of 2 negative Yu Ai. The 16th minute, base division the ball is passed in striking back, reserve margin carries Debulaxisi shoot a net. Gelanadadi breaks even 48 minutes, puerdasi is right Lu Chuanzhong, all alone Er amounts to burst open the door of head of margin of much smaller penalty area. The 69th minute, aoleiliyana forbidden zone is left in passing, base division 13 place face about is low shoot right next horn.

(this division)