Full-court somnambulate! Gao Shiyan gives fight 20 minutes 11 cast 0 in the mark hangs an egg

Direct seeding on June 29 dispatch CBA intermediary heat the first phase now proceed, advocate field team Liaoning gets the better of Qingdao greatly with 109-81.

Player of Liaoning group main force makes outstanding show, the report of reserves criterion fine decline is not neat. This battle bench gives fight accuse to defend Gao Shiyan to behave how terrible, give fight 20 minutes, 11 times shoot a basket moves bos, 3 minutes also 3 cast 0 in, did not get a mark, but harvested 4 backboard 1 secondary attack 2 grab.

In addition, gao Shiyan is retreated in in preventing, got violate body to foul.


[origin: Direct seeding]