CBA daily overview: Liaoning changes Guangdong of Shuai Dasheng Qingdao again battle Tianjin a person of extraordinary powers is taken 19 Lian Sheng

Direct seeding on June 29 dispatch? Today is the day of the 10th race of CBA intermediary heat, altogether had 4 competitions, battle of dot of its the part of the body cavity between the diaphragm and the umbilicus housing the spleen is changed handsome the Liaoning after gets the better of stanch declining tendency greatly with, guo Ailun chops below 32 minutes, the detail is as follows:

Guangzhou 107-111 Zhejiang

Two teams are in begin initial stage phase of refuse to budge planishs for many times, zhejiang of the first final phase hits a climax to obtain banner, the Zhejiang below the 2nd play in bright red Xu Hang and Wu Qian continues to keep banner, nevertheless Guangzhou seeks a status gradually, 54-42 of first half Zhejiang is banner. The second half although Zhejiang takes the lead in sending force,come back, but Guangzhou is lifted kickback overtake score all the way, and be guided in Hunter fall to be finished at the 4th exceed instead, 3 minutes of rain recapture Zhejiang support exterior line precede and Suo Dingsheng bureau, guangzhou of gram of final Zhejiang force is obtained 3 Lian Sheng.

Guangzhou (9-27) : Henry is special 2 secondary attack of 22 minutes of 13 backboard, chen Yingjun 4 secondary attack of 20 minutes of 3 backboard 4 grab, cropland eaves constant 3 secondary attack of 16 minutes of 2 backboard 2 grab, liu Feng Bo 7 minutes of 3 backboard, sun Ming is in relief 6 minutes of 3 backboard 2 secondary attack, guo Kai 15 minutes of 9 backboard, zheng grants 2 bank 11 minutes, gu Mingru 8 minutes of 2 secondary attack.

Zhejiang (22-13) : Bright red Xu Hang 2 secondary attack of 28 minutes of 10 backboard 2 grab 2 close over, cheng handsome splash 5 secondary attack of 25 minutes of 8 backboard, 7 secondary attack of before 16 minutes of 2 backboard 3 grab, land article rich 2 secondary attack of 6 minutes of 4 backboard, magnify eaves 6 minutes of 3 backboard, wang Yi rich 6 secondary attack of 8 minutes of 2 backboard, lai Junhao 12 minutes of 2 backboard, king young road 2 minutes.

Shandong 95-77 Sichuan

First match how terrible of two team feel, a whole both sides is aggregate with respect to Tian Jiafu one person sends secondary attack, the two fleets in before 10 minutes are total hit the target 5 remember athletic battle goal, include to punish lose 8 penalty shot and add up to 14 times to foul, the expression of broken up lets both sides cannot open a phase tardy, the small climax of a 7-0 till last hour Shandong just alters an aspect, shandong borrows situation obtain 9 minutes to precede. Second section both sides attacks upright condition to improve apparently, nevertheless Sichuan chases after close cent difference a few times to be hit by adversary strike back, of Wang Ruheng and Gu Cheng two write down hand of Shandong of 3 minutes of helps to grasp 12 cent advantages to enter the second half. Feel of Sichuan of the second half as before how terrible, the situation is complete tendency Shandong, latter grabs cent all the way and enlarge the advantage to 20 minutes of above to be locked up early get the better of surely bureau. Final, sichuan of Shandong beat easily is finished avenge.

Shandong (21-14) : Tao Hanlin 23 minutes of 4 backboard 2 grab, li Jingyu 18 minutes of 5 backboard 6 secondary attack 2 grab, wang Ruheng 11 minutes of 4 secondary attack, gu Cheng 9 minutes of 10 backboard 2 secondary attack, zhu Rongzhen 14 minutes of 6 backboard 3 close over, chen Peidong 4 secondary attack of 8 minutes of 5 backboard.

Sichuan (10-25) : Li Yuanyu 17 minutes of 9 backboard, the first month amounts to 12 minutes of 2 secondary attack, hou Tian 16 minutes of one 3 backboard, old celestial bodies 2 secondary attack of 6 minutes of 3 backboard, jing Han 7 minutes of one 7 backboard, yuantang article 7 secondary attack of 7 minutes of 5 backboard.

Liaoning 109-81 Qingdao

This battle is Liaoning is changed handsome first match after, this field Liaoning only foreign aid is opposite a Qingdao is complete China class. Liaoning will take the lead in entering state on the match, cent difference also is pulled quickly arrive greatly two digit, second section Qingdao fails to find the way that restricts adversary as before, cent difference continues to be enlarged to 20 minutes of above. Yi Bian again battle, qingdao did not gain the opportunity with contractible poor cent, final Liaoning gets the better of Qingdao greatly, reject to be defeated repeatedly.

Qingdao (20-15) : Zhang Cheng eaves 21 minutes of 4 secondary attack, liu Chuanxing 13 minutes of 7 backboard, zhao Tailong 10 minutes of 2 backboard, shao Yinglun 5 minutes of 5 backboard, zhao Dapeng 5 minutes, di Yi 6 minutes of 4 backboard, jiao Hailong 5 minutes, yang Jinmeng 5 minutes of 2 backboard, wang Qingming 3 minutes of 4 backboard, lin Weihan 3 minutes, make a Han 3 minutes, zhao Qu grand 2 minutes of 4 backboard.

Liaoning (22-13) : Guo Allan 4 secondary attack of 32 minutes of 6 backboard, han De Jun 3 secondary attack of 20 minutes of 10 backboard, mei Ao 19 minutes of 4 backboard 6 secondary attack, congratulate day starts 14 minutes of 8 bank, liu Yanyu 8 minutes of 3 backboard, zhao Jiwei 4 secondary attack of 5 minutes of 7 backboard 3 grab, wang Huadong 6 minutes of 4 backboard, cong Mingchen 5 minutes of 3 backboard.

Tianjin 98-126 Guangdong

The match leaves dozen, guangdong begins to master the rhythm on field after brief refuse to budge, obtain two digit to precede, in this section second half paragraph cent difference comes for a time, and Tianjin is in this section end paragraph hit tide of Xiaogao of a 9-2, first end, guangdong 29-19 gets congenital ferry. Second section again battle, tianjin continues to seek branch, and the Guangdong with powerful actual strength is killed and wound through making consolidate advantage, in this section second half Duan Sui is worn Tianjin notchs efficiency drops, guangdong obtains 20 minutes of above to precede, half of a game or contest ends, guangdong 65-43 gets congenital ferry. Yi Bian again battle both sides defends intensity is not high, two teams are right attack in what Guangdong maintains 20 minutes of above is banner, with 96-73 banner Tianjin enters last. The Guangdong in final decisive battle maintains big score to precede, the match reduces rubbish time, match of ultimate all those present ends, guangdong 126-98 gets the better of Tianjin a person of extraordinary powers to take greatly 19 Lian Sheng.

Tianjin (6-30) : Why to think rain 25 minutes 6 secondary attack of 3 backboard, shi Deshuai 14 minutes of 6 backboard, jin Xin 20 minutes of 3 backboard 3 grab, liu Shuai 14 minutes of 4 secondary attack, tian Yu 11 minutes, mencius triumphant 6 minutes, liu Wei 3 secondary attack of 5 backboard.

Guangdong (34-2) : Hold the post of fine horse to fly 15 minutes 4 secondary attack of 5 backboard, wemyss 8 secondary attack of 23 minutes of 4 backboard, du Runwang 15 minutes, xu Jie 15 minutes of 4 backboard, zhou Peng 12 minutes of 5 backboard, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Ming Xuan 10 secondary attack of 11 minutes of 6 backboard, wang Xinkai 11 minutes of 6 backboard, liu mace 10 minutes, su Wei 8 minutes.


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