Han Dejun: ? Line of his belt of? of Pan of play of Ran of north of glair of Huo of  of oxime of  hold a memorial ceremony for is very grave

Han Dejun

Beijing time on June 29, CBA intermediary heat the 10th day, change handsome the distant basket after with get the better of declare 28 minutes greatly of team strong anabiosis.

After contest, after this field gets the Han Dejun of 10 backboard 20 minutes surpass, accept interview:

Hit so that loosen quite today, every team member after changing a coach should be loosened a few. Just hit the first ball with new drill, still need to adjust a few to have a look.

I endeavor to had played each game, won’t think too much.

Goal of distant of Guo conduction band is very old, we are all team member is met ” shine ” , time can become this thing a few weaker.

Changed a coach, guo Dao went, team member is hit so that loosen quite, line of Guo conduction band is graver before. We do not want to let Liaoning team go down so all the time, so every team member is going all out. We also are going all out before, but have some of have one’s hands tied all the time bundle foot.

I want to develop my greatest ability on field only.

(Michael Er)