Trailblazer signs a person to take sb’s place be plunged into in A! Develop allied MVP a list of names posted up the 2nd

Beijing time on June 30, according to the report of ESPN, trailblazer plans to be signed outstanding human relations – Adam this, take sb’s place the Teleiwo that does not attend intermediary heat – Aliza.

Adam this in development allied MVP a list of names posted up is ranked the 2nd, field of 19-20 sports season all can contribute 21.5 minutes of 5.1 backboard 5.7 secondary attack 1.8 grab.

The report before this says Aliza sees young son to go, the choice does not attend intermediary heat. Be involved in is plunged into in A oneself in the tutelar case of 12 years old of sons, the visit that the child’s mother chooses to appoint a month to be Aliza period (during intermediary heat) .

Sports season field all contributes Alizaben 8.9 minutes 4.6 backboard 1.3 grab.