Although defeat You Rong! Whirlwind of the moment of truth enters Wu Qian break even 3 minutes to still chop 22+6+7 for nothing

Direct seeding dispatch CBA convention surpassed Zhejiang 90-92 on June 30 not enemy Beijing.

Benchangbi surpasses Wu Qian of Zhejiang full back to show scene, he gets 14 minutes the 4th times alone in bilateral decide the issue of the battle, include finally of 28 seconds write down break even 3 minutes of balls of score, but Lin Shuhao’s penalty shot is killed absolutely let Zhejiang do not have a predestined relationship Benchangbi surpasses a victory.

Full-court match Wu Qian comes on the stage 45 minutes, 12 cast 6 in, 3 minutes of balls 6 cast 2 in get full-court has 6 bank 22 minutes highest 7 secondary attack the 3 data that grab 1 lid cap.

Wu Qian essence of life is wonderful attack the ground to aid flying Liu Ze one

Wu Qian is carrying Di Xiaochuan on the head to work unplug 3 minutes!

Wu Qian breaks through the basket on forbidden zone low hand!

Wu Qian big heart breaks even 3 minutes ball


[origin: Direct seeding]