Delajiji recollects contest of Europe bright and beautiful to gain the championship: We are precipitant tonight

Direct seeding on June 30 dispatch? Ge Lan of player of showing tremendous enthusiasm – Delajiji is recollected in the day that does not have the match removed oneself to be in the Gaoguang hour of group of nation of Slovenian male basket, they carried off Ou Jin surpasses champion 2017, the member that at the same time he basked in a piece of ball people the group photo before finals.

“The picture that I like most, before finals! ! ! We had fought a lot of times, gain a lot of great victories. There still is peace on the world probably, but as long as we are living, be about to do true oneself. I am very clear we are brother, I know we are free, we are precipitant tonight, sibadakesi! ” Delajiji is written.

(you but hold back was cast)

[origin: Direct seeding]