Carrying whole group to go! Bulaikeni is efficient explode chop 51+11+3+3+2

Direct seeding on June 30 dispatch CBA intermediary heat the match of the first phase now proceed, jiangsu with Jilin of 105-102 changeover win by a narrow margin.

The performance that Benchangbi surpasses Kearny of Lai of cloth of Jiangsu team foreign aids can say to open women of the new society for Jiangsu, expression of his this battle is admirable, come on the stage in 44 minutes in time 29 cast 19 in, 3 minutes 7 cast 3 in, penalty shot 18 in 10, get 11 bank 51 minutes 3 secondary attack 3 grab 2 caps (picture data is to have not be over when field) , also be Joseph – Yang Zhi hind chops the player of below 50+ the 2nd times in intermediary heat.

Field of this Kearny of Lai of sports season cloth all gets 6.9 bank 35.9 minutes, shoot a basket hits the target rate 51% .

Dribble doing of cloth Lai Kearny unplugs 3 minutes!

Bulaikeni jumps the pace raises goal!

Bulaikeni is received for nothing fly buckle!

Bulaikeni unplugs high hind admire!

Pace of Europe of cloth Lai Kearny 2 add one!

Key of cloth Lai Kearny chases after a body 3 minutes!


[origin: Direct seeding]