Ma Yu assist or abandon holding big Marseilles to see a couplet dial money not to move money

The ball of big Ma Yu that from March change the date reachs to will be held in November is super 750 contest, may face the destiny that cancel extremely. Current, big Ma Yu assist the reaction that awaiting world feather couplet, just can make final make a final decision.

Association of big Ma Yu is long when ask and ball of big Ma Yu sufferring to make public contest to whether can be sponsorred as scheduled after holding Damaao concurrently to pay attention to chairman Nuo Sa pay attention to executive board meeting in Damaao now midday, make above response.

He expresses, because old horse makes public contest to face,sponsor cost to increase, below income reductive circumstance, add big Ma Yu assist the likelihood wants rationalize discretion to use funds, accordingly they are awaiting the reaction of world feather couplet, all inspects world feather couplet whether whether partake a few sponsor funds.

Open competition orders ball of big this year Ma Yu to was held on March 31 formerly, but the influence as a result of coronal ill epidemic situation, and extend come to will add Li Erya to connect gymnasium to hold to 29 days of Yu Wuji on November 24.

Nevertheless, nuo Sa says frankly, because old this year horse makes public contest to be not,belong to integral of Tokyo Olympic Games to surpass, so whether before attracting player of world-class big shop sign, will attend, will be a doubt.  

Nuo Sa expresses, before epidemic situation has not ended, the audience chair inside gymnasium enters a rate to be decreased greatly for certain, basically be must Security Council of comply with country orders all standard operating sequence below (SOP) , maintain social distance.

He expresses, in this paragraph of epidemic situation during, big Ma Yu assist must consider comprehensive, need to help advance somebody’s career actively to develop a plan teenagely especially, because this is big Ma Yu assist use funds carefully, if do big Ma Gong to open contest to face benefit problem, big Ma Yu assist the bottom line is to would rather be cost helping advance somebody’s career teenage plan.

In addition, he emphasizes big this year Ma Yu assist what take seriously most is Denmark the pen of final of Shang You cup that abstruse Husi holds, prepare for war to also need very big expense.

If old horse makes public contest to cancel, at the appointed time still two stations basically will make public contest in November, it is the Fuzhou that will hold to 8 days on November 3 respectively Chinese feather ball is super 750 contest and what will hold to 22 days on November 17 is Indonesian a ball is super 1000 contest.

Improve gradually to the epidemic situation of old horse, cup final encircles the Shang You that at present big Ma Ye begins to write a hand to prepare for war to will come 11 days to be held at Husi of red Mai Ao on October 3, nuo Sa expresses, everything waits to will recover from an illness on August 31 period travel canal makes end to be met Anacreontic change.

He discloses, if Denmark allows a foreign country to take part in the match,the team is arrived at attend, and other country is like old horse, allow with respect to what should get national Security Council and Ministry of Public Health.