Jilin of win by a narrow margin of changeover of Jiangsu of 31+13 of Wu Guanxi of 51+11 of cloth Lai Kearny

Beijing time on June 30, restarted CBA league matches in proceed of the first phase, the Jiangsu that all is only foreign aid is right Zhen Jilin. Bulaikeni behaves efficient full-court to with a bang leave 11 bank 51 minutes, wu Guanxi gets 13 bank 31 minutes, final Jiangsu overcomes Jilin with 105-102 force.

Jilin: Rare Er 6 secondary attack of 25 minutes of 5 backboard, jiang Wei lustre 17 minutes of 7 backboard 2 secondary attack 2 break, cui Jin Ming 4 secondary attack of 11 minutes of 3 backboard 3 break, dai Huaibo 25 minutes of 7 backboard, jiang Wei lustre 9 minutes of 4 backboard. Jiangsu: Bulaikeni 51 minutes of 11 backboard 3 secondary attack 3 grab 2 lids cap, wu Guanxi 31 minutes of 13 backboard 2 lids cap, yellow Rong Ji 3 secondary attack of 7 minutes of 2 backboard.

The match begins, two groups leave bureau spread out refuse to budge, score also a few degrees of battle are smooth, first hit half Jilin 12-11 to precede. Second half Duan Xier connects 5 minutes, next ginger world heavenly body is fast hitting the target, jilin hits a 7-0 to pull open score to 19-11. Jiangsu is chased after closely ever since, wu Guanxi defends end behaves force, team retaliates a 9-3 to return remnant 2 minutes in first the bell will divide difference to narrow. Two teams each other has section tip notch, first end Jilin 26-25 banner Jiangsu.

Second section, jilin continues to send force to hit a 10-2 to pull open score to 36-27. Jiangsu defends occurrence problem, cent difference is pulled open for a time. Expression of Kearny of second half Duan Bulai is fierce in dash forward outside cast insanity to cut cent, jiangsu retaliates a 8-0 to will divide difference to narrow. Jilin must live firmly 4 minutes repeatedly situation, kearny of Lai of section end cloth leads a group again impendent score, half of a game or contest ends bilateral battle to come 49 smooth.

The second half, both sides spreads out refuse to budge again, score increases alternately all the time, 3 cross half bilateral battle to come 66 smooth. Second half paragraph Jiangsu aggression is abrupt dumb fire, dai Huaibo connects 4 minutes, hill hits the target 3 minutes, jilin picks up firepower to will divide difference to pull open above again. 3 end Jilin 84-74 banner Jiangsu.

Minor details, wu Guanxi is attacked prevent two end to behave force, bulaikeni also firepower a standard-sized sheet, jiangsu with a bang gives a 20-7 to exceed score instead to 94-91. Second half Duan Jilin narrows cent difference for a time, but Bulaikeni is cast repeatedly belt punish a help personal team pulls open minute of difference again, 4 return remnant 1 minute bell Jiangsu is banner 7 minutes. Section end both sides fouls all somewhat grow in quantity, dai Huaibo hits the target 3 minutes help oneself team will divide difference to narrow for a time. As time place remnant very few, jilin is adopted foul tactics, lid of 3 deal out issues Hill finally, final Jilin with 102-105 not enemy Jiangsu.

Both sides head sends:

Jilin: Heavenly body of world of Hill, Cui Jinming, Zhong Cheng, ginger, Zhang Biao

Jiangsu: Bulaikeni, Shi Hongfei, Zhao Lvzhou, Hou Yifan, Wuguan hopes

(small fish)