The person that needs most when Lu Neng deadlock sits up however bleachers does not have him can blind push lightly

Bleachers watchs Gedesi battle

Face tactics ” blind push lightly ” , the goal leans completely ” unconscious ” doubt, line of Lu Nengtai mountain greeted the Shandong of general of Li Xiao roc to be his the main chance of the name, sports season rank has pressed him on team of Jiangsu Su Ning is very good touchstone. But everybody did not think of, father-in-law team not only the promotion that did not show an any ability tactics sides, the doubt sound that lets the outside instead is more — full-court is only 2 shoot 0 shoot, attack the opportunity of adversary forbidden zone repeatedly, also be can be counted on one’s fingers.

A lot of moment, everybody is willing to believe what a match cannot show. Group of person of Dalian of changeover of 3-2 of match of field of head of no less than, when Guangzhou reporter team of the Mount Taishan that spit groove is met only ” blind push lightly ” , the goal leans completely ” unconscious ” when, most Shandong media person and fan, be in stand to be father-in-law team for a short while, it is Li Xiao roc querulous. And this plays the game that makes a person drowsy, also should not make the label of the father-in-law team of general of Li Xiao roc likewise, after all when father-in-law team just should send force, kadaer was punished to fall by red shop sign however, little below the circumstance of one person, losing a ball already was to burn Gao Xiang, even Where is what bicycle?

But come down to think carefully calmly, is what the callosity of the ascribe judgment with the true draw of father-in-law team and card amount to Er obtrusive? Doesn’t father-in-law team have a problem really? Two matches come down, father-in-law team is obtained 1 get the better of 1 smooth indefectible military successes. Will tell from achievement, this is a result that can accept completely; But hit a law to come up from the ability tactics of whole group tell, come from the occasion of the match say, still have very large progress space really.

Li Xiao roc is aimed at the problem that first match appears, be opposite a change that sent a battle array to make a focal point. It is above all hind the problem of line of defence, appear for many times the Liu Jun of error is handsome, be replaced by Dai Lin; Break through the Wang Tong with insufficient capacity, be replaced by Zhang Chi. It is the adjustment of halfback next, foreign aids Lai holds accept high to replace Wu Xinghan to enter a hair more. Finally is the adjustment of forward line, on one directs the Guo Tian Yu of changeover, benchangbi surpasses great expectations be expressinged, take on odd arrowhead.

Such battle array, increased than first match really many, the ground cooperated to also have more possibility. But the actual combat result of first half is bad, the basic training of Guo Tian Yu is not quite sound still, the ball stops to stop 5 meters directly inside forbidden zone far, small angle shoot slanted foul line, more important is, he does not have the fulcrum of admire Lai and the action that make a ball, general to contribution of team whole aggression. And two frontiers way flies to Jin Jingdao and Laiangnaduo not to rise, also cannot give Guo Tian Yu, Feilainidi to be assisted for firepower, so match of whole first half, father-in-law team does not have pretty aggression.

Li Xiao roc also saw this, so the first thing gives the second half father-in-law team both wings namely insert on ” wing ” , liu Bin Bin and Duan Liuyu’s reserve come on stage, but accident is the waist after Duan Liuyu was kicked. Wear soon adjust not successful, li Xiao roc ego is repaired, changed Jin Jingdao with Lai of high center admire, peilaiding is in front, expend Lainike to withdraw the small of the back after kicking in order to answer. But did not pass how long, li Xiao roc substitution, and changed the Hao Jun Min that can carry artillery shell, what come on stage subsequently is Kadaer, his position is him not advocate hit hind waist.

The height of admire Lai, Feilaini exceeds 1 meter 9, the height of Kadaer, Dai Lin exceeds 1 meter 85, apparent, li Xiao roc plans air attack. However, had not waited for mode of team open air attack, kadaer with respect to digging pit, go up his harum-scarum grab, let oneself have red card not only, also make father-in-law team little one person fights.

To advocate for the team that makes headroom bomb, little the inferior position of one person is not met too apparent. But after a chain of substitution passes, father-in-law team can the person that frontier way assault perhaps sends a ball is not much however, have Liu Bin Bin and Zhang Chi only. Be in next in time of 20 minutes of games, father-in-law team is passed forcibly again besides Liu Bin Bin in outside making menace, other time is medium hind pour a foot, very difficult forward dart.

At that time, fan of team of a lot of Mount Taishans is missing a person, sit on bleachers to watch teammate to play the game namely then collect Jay Gedesi. Go up sports season, because have Gedesi’s presence, turn over stroke to get very biting, no matter be the classical secondary attack of Hao Jun Min, still be individual assault of Gedesi, left deep impression to fan. In addition, had Gedesi’s presence, moyisaisi also becomes can pass a ball, admire Lai is contended for come down also have a sense at 2 o’clock.

Nowadays, gedesi can be an onlooker only, and Li Xiao roc makes known his position already, the match of the first phase, gedesidou won’t sign up. This also is meant want to rely on Gedesi to change the method with at present drab tactics to be able to petition only match of the 2nd phase. Current, what Li Xiao roc can do is interior is dug go, pass whole cooperate to make up for lack a Chan Bing to fight the loss of the Gedesi with extremely strong capability. League matches just just begins, “Never-ending ” condition still can search slowly.

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