The tendon inside he is 5 years is torn off + stress fracture + break a leg! Full nowadays blood returns

Some field camera lens, you had looked with respect to eternal life unforgettable. Although you are not the person kiss all previous of injury, you also can carry to this movables gives birth to psychological shadow. Nuerjiji was opposite on March 25, 2019 in the when adding contest of a basket net, go all out when scraping backboard fall to the ground heavy trip, left crus is out of shape badly.

Full-court nots even a crow or sparrow can be heard immediately, astonish, panicky, astonishment uneasiness, complex mood interweaves together, inside field so static that the sound of be born of a needle listens clearly.

Get hurt when the player commonly, TOEFL heart – Xierdi a task is fast editing and rearrangement a paragraph of video gives team group medical service, but he knows Nuerjiji get hurt this not to need rebroadcast. He rushs quickly present inside handholded Nuerjiji’s hand. Hill recollects later: “I also sleep to be not worn on the bed in the evening, still considering this issue, I think Rangnuerjiji only also keep one’s hair on. I think Rangnuerjiji only also keep one’s hair on..

The player health of Portland is in charge of Jiessie – Ailisi says: “He can die at shock. This is random like your heart set. You entered panicky mode. So we must try to dominate his sentiment, ensure his pulse gets controlling, because of him the Mo artery with hind ham is like decisive, he can bleed more than till die. He can bleed more than till die..

Nuerjiji’s crus is in fracture more, in the first wounded month, he is moved not active, although bored to death the video that he also did not glance he gets hurt again, he recalled a lot of strange things, for instance bottom line judgment tries to step the left foot that when going, did not take care to kick him from his body at that time. “When happening randomly like such thing, you can want to knew what to produce, ” Nuerjiji says: “But meanwhile, I believe the happening of every thing has a reason. I believe the happening of every thing has a reason..

Before becoming an operation Nuerjiji and doctor leave had fun, he says: “Won’t I be you the last today patient? How many operation did you become today? I can not want a tired doctor. I can not want a tired doctor..


Nuerjiji is born in the family of an a tough guy, this can not say casually. His old father, height 2 meters 13, weight many jins 360, in Tucila city becomes constabulary moment Cengyi’s person sheet carries 13 gangsters, become legend person of place. 14 years old when a boarding school that Nuerjiji is sent Slovenian by his Bai Le Trnovcevic, till 5 years hind, he is happy to blow the pitch on of the team that dig gold of European lottery.

In dig gold he suffers tired at peace treaty base of strange place contend for, with every giant, he ever also had encountered injury a few times. He is left 2015 kneecap tendon is torn off, he is left 2017 fracture of leg stress sex, after be being hurt greatly every time he total can full blood is renascent, choose special name like him, “Persia Ni Yaye animal ” , he is strong like the beast power fierce, although get hurt, lick lick cut to become more terrible on competition ground.

Before Nuerjiji gets hurt, he is making the show with professional the most excellent career, trailblazer at that time 45 get the better of 27 negative, his field all 15.6 minutes of 10.4 backboard, having outstanding high-ranking data, when he is attendant, 100 bouts get the better of trailblazer completely adversary 10.5 minutes, after his end, 100 bouts lose trailblazer completely adversary 2.2 minutes, was opposite 19 years on January 1 the match of a kingly team, he chops the data of next 24+23+7+5+5, it is the player that 84-85 sports season can make so overall data exclusively later;

Wasp is met head-on after 10 days he contributes 11 minutes again 11 board 8 aid 6 caps; He is right on January 16 blast the knight takes next career the first 3 pairs. In the match that gets hurt in him, his full-court also has the outstanding show of 32 minutes of 16 backboard.

After getting hurt, elise accompanies Nuerjiji’s wife he spent the most endless and provoking time, nuerjiji can see him helplessly only in former days teammate dreams in him medium arena defies with his name thunderbolt. Entreat strongly in his below, elise took him to come rub amount to a center, know when fan Nuerjiji is attendant, full-court audience stands up cheer, lilade is in that match, in casting the game after season is the greatest last year write down kill absolutely.

Lilade says, nuerjiji produced crucial effect in the solidarity of team, this will be one of hour of the contest after the best season on team history forever. Thenceforth rises, nuerjiji agrees eventually rein in his footstep, admired him to experience a paragraph to overflow the located position after those who grow is itinerary in NBA.

“Injury makes me attendant outside stayed 16 months, the competition that gives me, life, my team and domestic person offerred a completely different perspective.

Nuerjiji has time to attend the coach’s conference to observe how they prepare the contest. He has time energy to take the step below his basket. He has time to raise his exterior line to browbeat, his left tibial need club of operation general black lead with fibular and compound fracture embedded his leg ministry, he resumed 8 months in the past 60% , aching feeling disappears gradually, he still subtracted the weight of 10 pounds.

“I feel very hungry, ” Nuerjiji ever said in sports season: “When be together with team when me especially, I feel hungrier. I am a few thinner, feel extremely marvellous to I have more erupt force, nimbler, when that day comes, I should become times doubler wild animal afresh. I should become times doubler wild animal afresh..

Trailblazer whole group is trusting adequately Nuerjiji, although conceive Tesaideben,sports season shows scene in team, get run completely allied Gai Maobang, it is the defending of completely allied and best show center, after intermediary heat faces the season of grey bear, can surpass block a battle, head of hair still is Nuerjiji.

Nuerjiji does not have the accredit of disappoint whole group, full-court match chops below 18 minutes 9 board 5 aid 6 caps, guard forbidden zone, the secondary attack of support by coordinated action that go out is not passed in the exalted Tesaide that pass a bosom, face small Gu Lun in the 4th especially – Jackson and carat gram, he is used beautiful low a footstep take from me as sb please-make unlimited demands. 6 times lid cap also seeks the record covering a cap that made the same score his career. Trailblazer also passes the struggle hard when adding, life of three for military use takes next keys to block a battle.

This is one gives Nuerjiji’s victory, of 16 months await, the Persia that Portland woke up them Ni Yaju animal. Double gun muskmelon adds gigantic animal, the trailblazer of whole system, did not have really definitely black the likelihood of 8?

(30 minutes)