The appeal takes Nuerjiji seriously his grandmother infection still is in new coronal insensible

Beijing time on August 1, player of Portland trailblazer brunt Nuerjiji accepts the grandmother that he discloses when interviewing to be in narcosis as a result of new coronal epidemic situation after contest.

Current, NBA is in intermediary heat phase, and after trailblazer and match of magic the first intermediary heat end, nuerjiji related this story with everybody before camera lens, and supervise and urge fan people must handle coronal shape virus seriously. Be worth what carry is, in NBA, the family that has Nuerjiji only not only affects new coronal, before this, the mother of Tang Si of star of silvan wolf husband dies unfortunately also at new coronal, and Nuerjiji’s grandmother is in at present insensible, the condition is critical.

In the trailblazer that ends before this and the match with ursine ash, nuerjiji 11 cast 5 in throw below 18 minutes of 9 bank 5 secondary attack, he also helps team pass when adding, rebuke with ash of 140-135 win by a narrow margin.