Row dimension gives orders solemn Shuai Ji heats up thorn commodities from abnormal channel to think Sun Xing and emperor horse legend alive

Heat strikes an Endongbeilai to hope to turn meeting international Milan, but the club does not want to put him to go it seems that.

” lens signs up for ” say, endongbeilai of 23 years old passes not happily in hot thorn, international Milan is intended to him, but hot thorn does not want to be in this is cleaned to achieve a club to turn after a year merely membership due record (56 million pound) player, lie Weixi hopes Muliniao continues opportunity of favour Dong Beilai, activation this gifted in.

Although Muliniao is malcontent to Endongbeilai’s manner, but still hold a hope to him. At the beginning of this month, namodeliji is in Mu Shuai the experience citing of emperor horse, overcome Luo Deya’s person to joined in 2012 after emperor horse, be judged the first year to be the poorest autograph to make an appointment with, but find position later, became the legend of emperor horse.

Additional, sun Xing and Xisuoke also had had after heat up thorn incommensurate, korean join in drop out thinks for a time after a year, the head also behaves Xisuoke two years low fan, but final they had held out difficulty, muliniao hopes, endongbeilai also can have similar decay.