Melon commander in chief talks about career the strongest opponent: The Pu Gongjun that overcome the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces compares Ma Haijiang of Mu Shuai emperor

Diaola weighs melon, teach in him the strongest opponent that encounters in career, be Keluopu and him is Liverpudlian.

“Had encountered in my career most ticklish adversary, was last year to this year this is Liverpudlian, ” Diaola is opposite melon ” DAZN ” say, “If you let yourself be in controlled position, they can block you in forbidden zone, you cannot escape. Controlling them when you, the capacity that they reduce a space compares other group again strong, they return the rate that defend very fast also. They return the rate that defend very fast also..

“They are very strong on the strategy, their player has powerful psychokinesis, keluopu is to let me most the adversary that expends brains, cost head thinks how to beat him. Cost head thinks how to beat him..

“I said all the time in the past, in my career, that emperor horse is very strong opponent, muliniao, Peilaigelini and all trains that they had had, with hard match help I become better for coach. But if you ask me, most ticklish adversary is which, I can say is this is Liverpudlian. I can say is this is Liverpudlian..