That child that plays game is in child ball smash constant is big by Halande exceeds in assist

A ball exceeds in Guo Tian Yu

Manuscript origin: Small elder brother has equestrian sports

Today the theme of the story is

‘ fasten a player to become the child ‘


One sword seals Guo Tian Yu larynx. Constant grew Lu Neng greatly in the hand.

The result of this match is in most person is unexpected. Before contest, heng Dabao is held get the better of completely, hit into 10 balls to throw 1 ball only, get run a list of names posted up of integral of Dalian competion area, and Lu Neng is first-run small get the better of Dalian person, round of frowsty Pingsuning, on annulus face explain the flower is killed absolutely again by Jin Xinyu, bilateral difference is more apparent, after so that become,the match ends, the victory that explanation plum glad says Lu Neng ” explode gave sth. recieves little attention ” .

Explode in this in the competition that gives sth. recieves little attention, rain of Guo Tian of 99 ages Duan Zhongfeng became Lu Nengqing model popular, he comes on stage in the 59th minute of reserve, the 60th minute is hit into a goal, 1-0 of final help team takes below 3 minutes. The goal of Guo Tian Yu is him the goal exceeds in be being hit into the first on behalf of Lu Neng. Be worth what carry is, what serve secondary attack for him is Liu Yang, with Heng Dazhen medium Wei Shihao is Lu Nengqing example together 95 ages paragraph the person that above average.

Guo Tian Yu of 21 years old is Shandong Jinan person, his God is Han Peng, media ever evaluated him is afterwards another Shandong mainland is tall after Su Maozhen and Han Peng center. After was being surpassed yesterday, lu Nengqiu member Zhang Chi praises Guo Tian Yu, “Endowment of each field requirement is the whole nation is best. ” in addition, had had fan ” in exceed Halande ” how is renown date on head of Guo Tian Yu.

Regard a profession as the player, guo Tian Yu is very bright in the match eye, but to him in all sorts of praising, most still is ” young general ” , ” the child ” , ” Xiaoguo ” the appellation of and so on.

This kind of appellation is a kind of habit that Chinese football parent makes next long-term nurturance, this kind of habit is very bad, the player is not the child.


The become famous battle of Guo Tian Yu is a king person honorable.

2019, chinese country abstruse with Korea country when abstruse match, because do not have sheet of selected match name, guo Tian Yu plays game on bleachers. When the staff member reminds him, out of the mouth comes evil. of Guo Tian Yu: “Chairman Chen came, let him play game together with us. ” later, sufficient assist with ” lax in discipline, group consciousness is thin, publish undeserved opinion on public affairs at the same time ” for, made punishment to him, stand competition half an year. If in super- did not adjourn, an a few field matches that Guo Tian Yu still cannot catch up with new sports season probably.

Breach constant is big last night after goal, the person that have a good work answers recall again at that time ” junior and flighty ” Guo Tian Yu, sigh with emotion: The child that plays game matured eventually.

Probably because he is born in 99 years,appellation Guo Tian Yu is the child is, very young still, but fall in the words condition of Chinese football, the view that calls the child the player is very common, extensive consist in is all and native land ” U25 player ” go up personally.

League matches exceeds in getting on a of sports season, field of Wuhan 2-2 guest forces smooth explain flower. After contest, wuhan bishop experienced Li Tie holds the post of when special deep feeling, “Zhuo Er this side child nots allow really easy ” . When speaking of bilateral at that time conflict, he also expresses ” have nothing to do, it is I look at grown child ” . Take office as a country sufficient advocate Shuai Shi, li Tie the concept about the child from the player outspread arrived to do a Chinese football, express directly: Chinese football resembles his child.

Country abstruse bishop Lian Haowei also watchs his player when the child, when the country abstruse after the 0-1 on Shikoku contest is defeated by Syria, his one’s words is earnest, had said the word of confide in sb one time.

“Team member can read the manuscript from media occasionally, truth fact says to be analysed well, but I or for, they are in the child that grow, do not know you have the child? I have. I am to the child’s manner give priority to in order to encourage, not be to say they are 90 minutes good, but analyse these bad places too much, do not have a help to them, because every child is different. Because every child is different..

Watch the player when the child, the name lodges for the night and coaches have such bottom energy of life probably, but do not have really such necessary.


Watch the player when the child, it is actually see oneself when the parent.

Chinese football is an everybody a group of things with common features, sufficient assist it is familial the 3 uncle in, sports total bureau is 2 uncle, club coach name is old people bounty all is touched, can mix a forty-five thousand six hundred and seventy-eight uncle. The parent is too much, the care that children get is very much also, be defeated by a ball to must not be criticized, kick badly to also cannot say, anyhow, want to build a good environment for children.

It seems that, the parent of gang is the protection to the child, but it is a kind of forestall only actually. Open a malapropos fun, be about to be banned to surpass half an year. When out of order, also should be criticized by the parent ” of need is a group, is not a certain star ” .

Not only such, more serious is, although endured such humiliate, children should burst into tears instead, write self-criticism self-communion my bodies, want to state father loves to be like hill even, it is this feel deeply grateful: “Gu Dao resembles father same, no matter how he says us, it is good for us. ” this is a kind of PUA, this is very abnormal.

A health and normal football environment, should not have the parent and child. Do not become the player the child, want to never begin oneself when the parent first.