Ma Su: Believe Mu of the base of a fruit to have the actual strength that gain the championship in Xinxinnadi and beautiful net

The near future of coach Ma Su of Mu of the 3rd the base of a fruit accepts disgraced bound of ATP official net interview, express to Mu of confidence the base of a fruit can continue to hold the excellent position of the beginning of the year after sports season restarts, state Mu of the base of a fruit is in next Xinxinnadi’s master game and beautiful net will be to gain the championship popular person selected.

Q: Be in cease during contest period, you and many meters of Nick (Mu of the base of a fruit) how many communication had had?

A: In sports season come to a standstill period, I maintain with Dominick all the time communicate, the father Wolfgang that still has him often also shares their training circumstance with me. Dominick is mixed all the time his father trains together, still have the physical ability division that ranks. I am very glad to see in what only partial group staff accompanies him in Austria the circumstance falls, dominick can have very good training positive result.

We have the time of 4 months to did not meet, july when I accompany his go on an expedition competition of a few performances, before that we had by a definite date two weeks training. After that we rested two weeks time, then I am in Greek waited for two days, this a week begins us another new open trained.

Even if keeps apart measure because of the compulsive house home of Chile, I can be waited for only in the home, I or OK and organic meeting see all he (Mu of the base of a fruit) performance competition, present technical development can allow you to accomplish this, this is meddlesome. This is very interesting to me, mix after the match ends Wolfgang (father of Mu of the base of a fruit) discussing the issue about the match also is very helpful.

Q: This is the time that Dominick is turning to have 5 months for the first time after professional player did not play the game, you think to be in the course is so a paragraph long after stopping contest period, how will he return former level once more?

A: Actually he had hit a lot of performances to surpass, this is very active, so he is not a match in the time in these 6 months had not hit, he played 28 games in 45 days, I know these just perform contest, but they are serious competition, attending these player standards that demonstrate contest also is very tall.

Of course, these matches are surpassed with ATP itinerate is not one and the same, a match is vole or master game, because all the toppest players are met,take part in the match. However we let him be hit in this paragraph of period as far as possible as far as possible much match, such he can get fewerly as far as possible the influence of period of come to a standstill.

This is meddlesome to Dominick, because of him itself also hopes many dozens play the game, he also likes competitive sense very much, I think this meeting helps him in new York. His present position is very good, the body is very strong, and attendant go up very dedicated. Because onerous leg was used to before him, he can attend a lot of matches commonly in a sports season, and because stop,surpass now period, he also becomes have power more.

Q: Dominick with assiduous and assiduous famous, are if where,you is the water that promotes him gentle and incorrect has been his body caused is the balance found between great burden?

A: Whole group is mixed to training off had undertaken a lot of discussion, this week we restart training, before this he rested two weeks of time. We must maintain good communication, had arranged sound plan, so much Mi Ni overcomes ability to maintain motivation and new move in training.

We did a lot of physical ability to train, rest commonly sports season has 3 to arrive only the time all around, but the body that the time that we have 6 months almost now will come exercise him and tennis level.

After sports season restarts, how will some players answer lookout with the match environment that differs before, this will be very interesting. I can tell you 6 months did not join a match, enter the match that does not have an audience, hotel that can be in new York only and match ground between 2.1 line activity, how will Dominick answer these change, but each players should face this one change, their also should be different to means.

Q: Dominick has been experienced in beautiful net a few suffer a defeat bitterly, he was mixed 2017 parted 2018 5 dishes of negative Yudeerboteluo and Nadaer, if he hopes to be in new York further, hit into the word that semifinals perhaps gains the championship, what do you think he still needs to do?

A: He obtained many breakthroughs in the near future, he never has been hit in bay net before this year four-wheel, but he is apart from this year gain the championship only a dish Yao. The line never goes out to pass from the group before he attended total end of the year final last year, but his distance gained the championship last year also only a few Yao. He was in once upon a time Asian achievement is not quite good, but he gained the championship in Beijing last year, and hit into the quarterfinal in Shanghai.

No matter he attends which match, he is to gain the championship all the time popular one of. He now is the world the 3rd, in the past the world is since 5 sports season before 10, because his achievement is very stable.

Q: Look into the laterite sports season this year, how do you think he will be answered from the changeover of firm ground field to laterite field?

A: We do not hope overmuch ground worries about prospective thing, because present circumstance is brand-new, we had not been experienced. The most important thing for now considers namely next, that is Xinxinnadi’s master game and beautiful net.

Be about to be behaved mediumly according to his body state and match after that, redo next plan. He signs up attended Jicibi the match that ell stands, but if he is hit into beautiful net quarterfinal, he attends this match without method. If he is if success of the arm of the law is very remarkable, what can his match be? Had made whole leg arrangement very hard now, because there are any rest times between match and match. When after beautiful net ends, we can place the arrangement of one pace definitely together with all group staff.

Q: Inside this paragraph of period, what does his tennis technology produce major change? Can we see in new York?

A: Everyday the tennis level that we are trying to perfect him, he has been a teenage player no longer, make the change with tremendous what impossibly so, but the age in 26 years old, he still is a very young player, we still can make a few subtle adjustment. He now is the player with a full-scale technology, also revealed him to have the actual strength that can gain the championship on forcedly field to common people, we expect his result this year at least can with kept balance last year.

The age is not actually important, as an athlete, you are before the training of open every time, want to holding the state of mind that makes oneself ceaseless promote in the arms to enter the court, also be such to the coach, this also is why this motion can let you experience the vitality with constant in a steady stream.

This also is why I decide to serve as a coach to accompany a player to take part in the match everywhere as before after retire, cooperating with Dominick is very big drive to me, because he is a very outstanding player, also be a very good person. He is having very good education, he is good at listening attentively to, holding in the arms all the time hammer and tongs manner, this is extremely infrequent to the coach, because I need only,tell him I am attendant on the thing that sees and my opinion is OK.

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